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River Valley Dental of Mankato uses the latest in dental technology. Below is a list of procedures and products in the dental industry which we use and endorse.

If you have any questions on the products we use or procedures please contact us at (507) 38-TEETH or contact us on our online form.


  • Invisalign is a breakthrough technology that straightens teeth with a series of clear, virtually invisible, custom-molded aligners. These aligners replace the wires and brackets of the past, making orthodontic care practically unnoticeable to others. And, unlike braces of the past, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth.

    The average Invisalign course of treatment takes about a year. During that time, you will change to a new set of aligners every two weeks. Each set of aligners gently moves your teeth one step closer to their optimal position until you develop a beautiful, healthy smile.

    Unlike traditional braces, few people will even know you’re wearing Invisalign. That’s because each aligner is nearly invisible. So you can have the confidence you need while looking great at work, at school, and with friends. It’s a new type of orthodontics, helping you look good now to look great in the future!

  • A patented, award winning device invented by a dentist that uses vibration to block the sensation of pain. So when you get a shot, you don’t feel it. DentalVibe is gentle, fast and safe. There are no pills to take, no gas to inhale, no drowsy after-effects to worry about. Research shows that when vibration is simultaneously applied as a counter- stimulation to an anesthetic injection, its sensation reaches the brain first, blocking the feeling of pain.

  • The most established name in digital radiography. The only company with wireless sensor technology which offers superior image quality.

  • The effectiveness of Sonicare stems from its advanced technology, which creates dynamic fluid action.

    We sell the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Toothbrush in our office for $119 (+ tax), which is a reduced price from the $178 average retail price.

      Sonicare FlexCare Platinum

    • Philips Sonicare’s best ever plaque removal: up to 10x more than a manual toothbrush
    • Improves gum health in only two weeks
    • 3 modes and 3 intensity settings to customize your cleaning experience
    • Pressure sensor alerts you when you’re brushing too hard
    • InterCare and AdaptiveClean brush heads for a deep clean

    We also sell the Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush in our office for $45 (+tax), which is a reduced price from the $59 average retail price.

    Sonicare for Kids

    • 98% say it’s easier to get kids to brush longer and better
    • 2 Kid-friendly power modes
    • Interactive app gets kids excited about brushing
    • Fun interchangeable stickers for customization


    Did you know that if you purchase your Sonicare Toothbrush from your dental provider you get an extended product warranty?  It’s true!  Just purchase your product from our office and register it at Philips Product Registration.  You can add an extra year of warranty and could find product rebates. 

    We carry the brush head replacements for all brushes we sell.

  • Fixed and removable prosthetics including: crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

  • Retainers

  • The NTI-tss Plus™ does the job of a bite guard but covers only the front teeth.  Originally developed to prevent migraine pain, the NTI-tss Plus has proven to be a superior alternative to full-coverage bite guards.  By reducing muscle contraction intensity during parafunctional activity the NTI-tss Plus minimizes tooth wear, reduces joint strain and disc load, and decreases muscle tension.

  • We are an Under Armour Authorized Provider.  UA Performance Mouthwear is Custom-built and scientifically proven. It can make athletes stronger, faster and better.  UA Performance Mouthwear can also provide relief from TMJ related issues.

  • The Captek Crown is the result of 30 years of research by an internationally renowned Prosthodontics and world-class dental technician, with the sole purpose of developing the best restoration to offer their own patients. This unique scientific breakthrough enables your dentist to deliver natural, long-lasting crowns and bridges that, most importantly, are healthier for your surrounding gums.

  • This is the underlying thinking behind Valplast’s innovative flexible, removable partial denture. The flexibility, combined with strength and light weight, provides total comfort and great looks! The Valplast® partial is virtually invisible because there are no telltale metal clasps and the material itself blends with the tissue in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful smile.

  • Now, with the IPS Empress all-ceramic, metal-free restorative material; you CAN have the healthy, beautiful and natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted!